Concession Signs

When it comes to food concession signs, there are various options to help you promote your delicious offerings. Whether you’re running a concession stand at a baseball game, a football match, or a business event, having eye-catching signage is essential. Here are some types of food concession signs you might consider:

■ A-Frame Signs
■ Food Rectangle Signs
■ Round Dangler Signs
■ Aluminum Contour Cut Signs
■ Static Cling and Decal
■ Carnival Games Signs
■ Carnival Safety Signs
■ Hand Sanitizer Stations Signs

A-Frame Food Rectangle Signs:
Available in two sizes (18x12 and 24x12). Comes with grommets in the upper corners for easy hanging. Clear lamination ensures durability and UV protection. Ideal for displaying food items, drinks, and more.

Food Rectangle Signs:
18x12 and 24x12 PVC food rectangle sign. digitally printed vinyl laminated for UV protection. Grommets in the top two corners or in all four corners or none at all. Double-sided printing is also an option.

Round Dangler Contour Cut Aluminum Substrate Signs:
These signs are 12" round. Clear lamination ensures longevity. The grommet at the top allows for easy hanging.

Choose from 13oz or 16oz banners. The 13oz banner is suitable for short-term use and includes printing, hemming, and grommets. The 16oz banner is more durable and has sunblock to prevent sunlight from shining through. Both options are great for promoting your food and drink offerings.

Remember, effective signage can attract customers and enhance your concession business. Whether it’s a colorful banner, an A-frame sign, or a creative dangler, make sure your food stands out!